verb past tense and past participle heard /h:d/
1 HEAR SOUNDS/WORDS ETC (intransitive, transitive not in progressive) to know that a sound is being made, using your ears: Did you hear that noise? | I called his name, but he pretended not to hear. | hear sb/sth doing sth: I think I can hear someone knocking. | hear sb/sth do sth: Dixon's going to resign - I heard him say so. | hear what: I'm sorry, I didn't hear what you said. | be heard to say/ask/remark etc: One delegate was heard to remark that the conference had been a waste of time.
2 LISTEN TO SB/STH (transitive not usually in progressive) to listen to what someone is saying, the music they are playing etc: Without waiting to hear her answer, he stood up and walked away. | You can hear that broadcast again on Monday at 9.00. | hear sb do sth: Pavarotti is amazing - you should hear him sing `Nessun dorma'. | hear what: Let's hear what he's got to say. | I hear what you're saying spoken (=used to tell someone that you have listened to their opinion): I hear what you're saying, but we can't ignore the facts.
3 BE TOLD STH (intransitive, transitive not usually in progressive) to be told or find out a piece of information: hear (that): I hear you've been selected to play for the A team.
(+ about): Did you hear about the fire? | be glad/pleased to hear (that): I'm glad to hear your sister's feeling better. | so I've heard spoken (=used to say that you already know about something): “Nina's quit her job.” “Yes, so I've heard.” | hear sth: We've heard such a lot about you. | hear what/how/who etc: When the authorities heard what we were planning, they tried to stop us. | hear anything of (=receive any news about): Have you heard anything of Bob lately? | hear sth on the grapevine (=find out about something in conversation) | I've heard it said spoken also I've hear tell old-fashioned (=used when you are repeating something that someone else has told you): I've heard it said she's a tough businesswoman.
4 IN COURT hear a case if a court or a committee hears a case, they listen to all the evidence in order to make a decision: The case was heard at Teeside Crown Court on April 10.
5 I won't hear of it spoken used to say that someone should not do something, especially because you want to help them: I've offered to pay Simon for fixing my car, but he won't hear of it.
6 I/we haven't heard the last of spoken used to say that someone or something will cause more problems for you: I'm sure we haven't heard the last of that woman.
7 I'll/he'll etc will never hear the end of it spoken used to say that someone will criticize or make jokes about something you have done: If my Mum finds out, I'll never hear the end of it.
8 be hearing things to imagine you can hear a sound when really there is no sound: I must be hearing things: I must be hearing things, I could have sworn you just called my name.
9 (do) you hear me? spoken used when you are giving someone an order and want to be certain that they will obey you: Now you go straight home. You hear me?
10 now hear this! AmE old use used to introduce an important official announcement
11 you could hear a pin drop used to say that a place was extremely quiet: After she finished telling her story you could have heard a pin drop.
12 I can't hear myself think spoken used to say that the place where you are is too noisy
13 have you heard the one about... used when asking someone if they know a joke: Have you heard the one about the turtle and the elephant?
14 I've heard that one before spoken used when you do not believe someone's excuse or explanation: Kept late at the office, were you? I've heard that one before.
hear from sb phrasal verb (transitive not in progressive)
1 to receive news from someone, usually by letter: Have you heard from Sarah lately? | I look forward to hearing from you (=used at the end of a letter)
2 to listen to someone giving their opinion in a radio or television discussion programme: And now we are going to hear from some of the victims of violent crime.
hear of sb/sth phrasal verb (T)
1 have heard of to know that someone or something exists because you have been told about them: I've never heard of him!
2 (not in progressive) to get news or information about someone or something: she/he was last heard of (=the last time people say they saw someone): He was last heard of in Lancing, Michigan in .
—compare hear from hear, —see also: unheard­of hear sb out phrasal verb (transitive not in passive) to listen to all of what someone wants to tell you without interrupting them: Look, I know you're angry but you could at least hear me out.

Longman dictionary of contemporary English. 2004.


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